About Our Company


At Predictive Maintenance NDT, we have the knowledge base, skill set & manpower to perform virtually any Non-Destructive Testing related service.



With over 20 years of experience in the electric utility industry and multiple ASNT certified inspectors, you can be certain your predictive maintenance service needs are serviced by industry professionals.

We have extensive knowledge of 7FA and Siemens 501 turbines, as well as a variety of other types of power plants, including fossil boilers, wind turbines, solar sites, and coal powered plants.

In addition, due to our extensive turbine and electric utility outage experience, we can provide contractor coordinators and outage supervisory personnel.

All of our inspectors are trained and certified in at least three NDT disciplines and we supply services to some of South Florida's most premiere corporations.

Our ultimate goal is to perform maintenance "just in time", before the equipment fails in service. This is in contrast to time and/or operation count based maintenance, where a piece of equipment gets maintained whether it needs it or not.

Time based maintenance is labor intensive, ineffective at identifying problems that develop between scheduled inspections and is not cost effective.

All our inspections minimize disruption of normal system operation, and adoption of regular maintenance of equipment can result in substantial cost savings and higher system reliability.